Creasia Group

Creasia Group has invested in the LAC industry since 1974 with the co-operation of our business allies in the United States of America and Japan. CREASIA MILL CO., LTD. has become one of the leading Seedlac manufacturers and the only Food Grade LAC Dye manufacturer in Thailand and Southeast Asia.
Creasia Mill Co., Ltd., expanded its development further into the production of Flake Shellac.
We began a joint venture with our business allies From Germany in the production of Bleached Shellac under the name of “EXCELACS CO, LTD.” Within this joint venture, we have invested in the production of equipment and tools, as well as technology that follows Germany’s production guidelines, which are globally-accepted standards in terms of quality and safety.
We was first official operated the factory of “EXCELACS CO., LTD. and started to export to global Market.
We was first launch and cooperated with our Government sector of Agricultural Department and Chamber of Commerce of Lampang to encourage on alternative economic agricultural with “LAC” farming by giving out free Sprout of Rain Tree with over 200,000 units all over the area.
The world market was strongly impact from global disaster on Lac supply which effected hardly to operation demand and pricing cost worldwide.
Creasia Group was initiated the project of Lac Preservation and Development Center at Lampang province to be as the center of knowledge and sustaining with over 50 hectares land size project.
We have extended our collaboration further in our Lac Preservation and Development Center with our business alliances and academic institutions from Japan and India to wide open the sustaining opportunity of “Lac Preservation and Development Center” to ensure the Lac supply in term of quality and quantity.
Since Then Until Now
With our passion and commitment toward business development and sustainability. These have drive our business further on our commitment journey as “one for all we all grow together”